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Larry A. Williamson

  • 2007
  • Emulated Amway iPhone application interface using Adobe AIR

    Adobe AIR, AS3, MultiTouch LCD
  • 2007
  • Interactive window LCD, using passive computer vision

    3DStudio Max, AfterEffects, Flash, GestureTek Tracking Engine
  • 2007
  • 3d Paper stream interruptable by passing inviduals

    Adobe AIR, AS3, PaperVision3D, Motion Tracking
  • 2007
  • Array of 5 LCDs Dropping photos onto the background

    The images were captured at another kiosk during the convention. Photos would transfer automatically to the server, and be pulled at random to be shown on the five 60" displays... Emphasizing the "YOU" in the branding.
    Adobe Flash / AS3, Delphi.NET, PHP, FTP, WebCam
  • 2010
    Mayo Clinic
  • Memory game utilizing a rear-projection and LCD with touch foil.

    The two systems communicated using datagram broadcasts over a wired network, eliminating the need for a relay server for Flash communication. User would play a memory card game, and upon either winning or losing would be prompted to partake in a poll, and submit their email address to be entered into a contest.

    A thank you email would be sent, including more information based on their poll response.

    Poll results were shown and tracked, and relayed to a remote server for integration into the online campaign.
    Adobe AIR, ActionScript 3.0, 3DSMax, AfterEffects, Photoshop, PHP, MySQL, Custom Analytics
  • 2007
  • Interactive Ad for TravelZoo using deal RSS feed

    Flash, PHP, Custom AS3 physics emulation
  • 2010
  • Camera touchscreen kiosk with email and sharing capabilities

    User initiated capture sequence, and was superimposed into a jumbotron picture with branding. Photo could be emailed to the user and then shared and tracked through link shortening and and microsite.
    Flash, ActionScript 3.0, PHP, WPF, OpenCV, C#.NET, uEye Camera
  • 2010
  • Interactive Kraft campaign with smile detection

    The entire system consisted of a backend monitoring interface and approval system. Once a number of captures (mouth only) were analyzed manually and marked as smiles or normals, I used a custom algorithim tuning process for each venue, based on collected information. This allowed remote tuning of detection performance and scheduled configuration changes on an hourly basis if needed.
    C#.NET, Flash, OpenCV, PHP, MySQL, uEye Cameras
  • 2010
  • Storefront interactive

    Horizontal plane people tracking using a single 2D uEye camera, motion vectors and OpenCV with custom alogrithims.
    C#.NET, Flash, OpenCV, uEye Cameras
  • 2010
    iPhone Remote
  • A test-case of relaying iPhone Accelerometer data over WiFi to a Java relay. The Flash application connects to the relay and listens for incoming control events.

    Objective C, Java, Actionscript 3.0, Flash
  • MTV Buried Life
  • Storefront LCD wall and kiosk

    People used a touch foil based kiosk to enter their wishes and send to the list on the large LCD wall to the left. The user also has the option to share their wish on facebook.
    Photoshop, Illustrator, Ruby, Flash, Actionscript 3.0, Sockets
  • 2010
    Disney Memories
  • Augmented Reality and Video Kiosk

    Users could choose to have a set of Mickey Mouse ears virtually placed onto their head. A photo could be taken and sent to the user via email, the email and microsite had social sharing capabilities. Analytics were included for content usage and sharing.
    Photoshop, Illistrator, Flash, ActionScript 3.0, WPF, C#.NET, PHP, Analytics
  • 2009
  • Large LCD wall video player

    YouTube and 4D of London wanted to promote some of online availability of their shows. The user had choice of videos. Analytics tracked video popularity and skips.
    Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Aftereffects
  • Music Monitor
  • WPF for listing most recently created audio files in a folder, monitors for new files and inserts at the top of the list, to help keep track of recent music purchases / downloads.

    * Filter by keyword in full path (10/21/2010)
    * Shows album artwork (any images in folder) (10/21/2010)
    * Watches specific folder for changes in music files (mp3, flac, ogg, m4a)
    * Tray icon and notifications.
    * Color selection
    * Last size / position restored automatically.
    * ClickOnce Installer
    * Sub-items sorted by filename
    * Double click to play tracks or folders using your default audio player.
  • Counterstrike Stats
  • When gamers play online, detailed game logs are created with play by play information. WinOut wanted to use this information to create a statistics database that it's users could search and view, and more...

    In order to achieve the desired results, we not only had to parse the logged game data -- we also had to create a way to link user accounts to the data, users to teams, teams to games, and games to tournaments. Things like suicides, round wins, kill assists and other special events also needed to be kept track of. This project included PHP, and heavy MySQL with query optimization and result caching to enhance performance whilst searching through the large amount of data.
  • 2010
    Flash Analytics
  • Custom Flash content analytics system

    Developed to replace Google analytics for Flash content on digital signage, this analytics system allowed for delayed insertion of tracking data -- something which is not possible with Google Analytics.
    Actionscript 3.0, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, XML, AJAX
  • 2010
    Torrent Watch
  • Test case for analyzing torrent popularity and trends

    PHP, MySQL, CSS, jQuery
  • 2010
    Enhanced Eyes
  • A prototype / proof-of-concept for an "enhance your eyes" campaign

    Utilizing face tracking and eye tracking, as well as WPF image effects, the user's eyes are made larger in real-time.
    WPF, C#.NET, OpenCV, uEye Camera
  • Plan It
  • Website + Print Collateral

    Plan It is a central Florida based event design and management company. Originally they just needed a website revamp; this ultimately turned into a full branding and collateral update.
  • Club 23 Orlando
  • Website + Print Collateral

  • Logos
  • Miscellaneous logo designs

    Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Business Cards
  • Miscellaneous business card designs

    Photoshop, Illustrator
  • 2009
    Expert Fitness
  • Website + Print Collateral

    Photoshop, PHP, HTML, JavaScript
  • 2011
  • Miscellaneous Artwork

    Photoshop, Illustrator
    © 2011 Larry A. Williamson